Multipart Service Oriented Reservation system

The car rental & tourism sector is one with awesome budgets due to its popularity in tourism and business trips worldwide. The broker service provider model is the dominant one with the brokers searching and negotiating with several providers for each reservation sought. This implies a great working and information load that would overwhelm the participating parts.

Moreover the lifecycle of reservations worked out in the aforementioned mode is a process with a wealth of details and constraints that all have to be met until a reservation is confirmed and executed. S-Suite is a fully edged SOA architecture and fully implemented and operational system that mediates among brokers and service providers (i.e. in this case) and treats the full life cycle of reservations enabling automatic reservation treatment incorporating the most enhanced functional featured that are demanded by brokers and service providers. The benefits of the system are multimodal: a. efficiency and transparency, b. optimal matching among reservations demands and service brokers at a local level.

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