About us

Our Vision
The WWW is becoming the dominant platform to promote and sell products and services. The Web traffic volume has increased at a breathtaking pace over the previous decade. Our vision is to offer Innovative Services aiming at integrating Web Technologies in corporate marketing and Content Management Services in order to optimize your company's presence in the Web.

Our Personnel
Our team consists of highly qualified first class researches on the Internet and on the World Wide Web areas, and by high qualified software technicians, which will guide you through the process of making your business more competitive in the global market. We create tailor-made business strategies in order to optimize your promotional campaign and to increase your business revenue.

Research and Development
Our team's previous experience in Research and Development (R&D) is long and enjoys considerable international recognition. Our employs are very active in International Competitive R&D Projects (such IST FP5, IST FP6 and ICD FP7). Our Research results in the areas of Data & Web Mining are published in more than sixty publications in prestigious international journals and conference proceedings.
Our team has participated in many International Conferences, numerous Programme Committees and have been granted International Research Fellowships. Our technical staff also participates in two software patents in the area of Data Mining and Web Content Management.

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